Tear down that Wall!

There is still yet another significant June anniversary; exactly 20 years ago today President Ronald Reagan demanded "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"  For those of you who have never known life without a cell phone, that wall was the Berlin Wall; millions were imprisoned behind it living fearfully under communism

The wall, along with the Soviet Union, President Reagan and Mr. Gorbachev are gone.  And although peace and prosperity haven't replaced the repressive regimes behind the wall, for most their lives have improved, their futures look even better.  And while those on the western  side of the former Berlin Wall freely riot protesting the globalization boogyman and the satanic Bush, the former imprisoned Albanians, yes Albanian! population, welcomed Bush.
Yes, freedom is wonderful.  Just ask those who have been deprived of it. 
Thomas Lifson adds:

It is obvious bit worth pointing out that the Berlin Wall kept people prisoners within. The border  is 180 degrees deifferent: to keep intruders out. Demagogues try to score cheap points by likening them, but this is dishonest.

I never fail to be stirred by Reagan's magnificent speech, in no small part because like Joshua, he commanded it and the wall cam tumbling down. Rick Moran has a good essay on this comparison at RWNH.