White House gallantry?

I find it puzzling how the President has no problem taking on his own, as David Frum points out:

As we have seen in both the Harriet Miers fight and the Dubai ports deal, this White House's first instinct when faced with dissent in the ranks is to insult and abuse its strongest supporters. "Sexist"; "elitist"; "registered bigots" were some of the terms cast during the previous fights. Brace yourselves for much, much worse. This is no way to win friends and influence people. And triggering an internecine party conflict on the eve of a difficult and dangerous election is no way to re-elect a damaged incumbent party.
However, this same President cannot take on the dementia of Jimmy Carter, Harry Reid, or any of their ilk.  This has some parallels to the domestic abuser.

The domestic abuser can extend proper courtesy to a neighbor and then give his wife a good whack for looking at him wrong.  This same abuser will then promise to police his actions better in the future if the spouse will just let this occasion go by.

Harley Pennington
Seattle, WA