Why assume they even want citizenship?

I find my self puzzled by the argument over immigration.  Everyone talks of "citizenship" and "a path to citizenship" for illegals (excuse me, "undocumented") now in the country. But I have nowhere seen a responsible study which makes clear that the great majority of the illegals indeed desire citizenship. 

If I were one of them at the moment, I would think that access to jobs, free healthcare, free schooling for children, etc., without the burdens of citizenship would be very attractive. The fact that so many of the Mexican illegals make a spectacular display of their allegiance to their home country in demonstrations, sports events, etc., and that the revanchist, racist effusions of MECHa and La Raza continue to be popular, would seem to be evidence that a great many Mexicans are not interested in citizenship.

I see no prima facie evidence that our Mexican guests really desire, above all, American citizenship. I am aware that many Mexicans here have volunteered for the US armed forces, and that is encouraging.  I am also confident that few Mexicans want to blow up the US, and that is encouraging.  But I am puzzled that, on the alleged question at issue, citizenship, everyone seems to be talking with no evidence.  I would think that it is time to find out the truth of the matter.

Donald C. Baker

Thomas Lifson adds:

Regardless of the desires of those who have arriuved here without our permission, I also wonder why we should offer citizenship. If it is true that the economy needs their labor, why not just go with work visas?
Like many Americans I am highly offended at the devaluation of citizenship inherent in offering it those who have violated our rules. There may be practical and humanitarian reasons to allow continued residence, but why even consider citizenship, other than to engineer the electorate to the advantage of one party?
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