Thinking about immigration (updated)

Is the following a start of the solution to the illegal alien problem? Is it a way for Republicans to be proactive on the issue and win based on priciple and also win over new immigrants?What we need are market-based incentives and disincentives. We can encourage the vast majority of border crossers to do it legally if we simply allow them to do so and issue them visas. Immigration quotas are drawn up arbitrarily based on our perceived needs. Clearly those perceptions are wrong because millions have come here illegally and found jobs while our unemployment rates are at historic lows. So simply change the quotas to allow low-skilled workers in from Latin America. This will eliminate the need to sneak across the border and allow a much more humane living to those who come here to work.Next, employers need a disincentive from hiring illegal aliens. This can be done through the Social Security office which already has 9 million mismatched social security numbers in its database. They...(Read Full Post)