A revealing analogy in the New York Times

re: Jerome J. Schmitt's "Mindless reporting in the NYT Magazine" of  May 19, 2007

Mr. Schmitt points out that "climate modeling is a premier example of the thermodynamics of open systems", in the first paragraph of the article, bravo! But he misses an astonishing quote down in the eighth paragraph....
"...James Hansen, the director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (and one of Gore's own gurus), who wrote, in The New York Review of Books, "Al Gore may have done for global warming what ‘Silent Spring' did for pesticides."
Man, I couldn't even tell you where to START with THAT admission. Let's see, Carson's "S/S" pretty much killed off the worldwide use of DDT bringing malaria back from the brink of extinction to once again thrive and kill people by the millions instead of by the hundreds, and it was all based on a pack of lies.

Well, I'd say that Gore's book hasn't YET done "for" humanity what Carson's book has, but it could if we aren't careful!

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