The Studied Linguist (a poem)

She is a studied linguist,no matter where she goes.She'll speak the drawl of Ar - Kan - Sawwith perfect y'all knows!When in da state she represents,she'll tell you dis and dat.She'll stand on line for Yankees games,she's godda New York ting down pat!When goin noahth to Boston townto visit Ted and John,she'll capsha haaats with Tweedyspeakand eat chowda till it's gone!To captcha votes in Scansin state,believe ya me she'll try,ta speak perfected Cheesehead-itean go two-tree fish fries!Sheel habla perfect Spanglish-eseween she geets down from her car.To habla bueno Spanglish-ese,sheel necesita practicar!Devoid of any principles electorates demand,to parlor tricks she must dependto protect delusions planned.She spends the time to practice speech to blend in here and there.For she knows that absent parlor tricks,she doesn't have a prayer!!!Tim Full Post)