Malaysia's odd definition of freedom of worship

Malaysia's Supreme Court has held that a woman who converted from Islam to Christianity cannot be officially recognized as a Christian, despite a constitution which guarantees the freedom of worship. The BBC reports:

A three-judge panel ruled that only the country's Sharia Court could let Azlina Jailani, now known as Lina Joy, remove the word Islam from her identity card. [....]

In 2000, Ms Joy, 42, went to the High Court after the National Registration Department refused to remove "Islam" from the religion column on her identity card. The court said it was a matter for Sharia courts. Tuesday's ruling marked the end of her final appeal.

Ms Joy has been disowned by her family and forced to quit her job. She went into hiding last year. A Muslim lawyer who supported her case received death threats.
Malaysia is often held up as a shining example of an Islamic democracy. I guess that since Ms. Joy doesn't face a death penalty (from the state, at least), things could indeed be worse. But Malaysia cannot have it both ways. It does not practice freedom of religion, and cannot be thought of as a modern democratic country.

Hat tip: Joe Myers