Thin as a Reid (a poem)

I’ve wondered who’d do the evil deed;Not surprisingly, it’s Harry Reid.It was Cronkite stabbed us in the back;This time it’s a pol not a media hack.Uncle Walter used his powerful podiumTo betray me and mine with nightly odium;America’s avuncular pontificator,Now an admitted, liberal, media traitor. In his lonely grave, FDR must be spinning,Franklin Delano’s party’s lost all sense of winning,Focused on feelings rather than thinking,Their cut’n’run view is that our ship is sinking.FDR, who stayed firm through our world’s darkest daysWould despair at his party’s current, cowardly ways.“There is no fear but fear itself?”Ha! His party’s put courage on its bottom shelf. Within this old vet a haunting fear lurksThat we may again lose to these liberal jerks.They control the main airways, most that’s in print;All the world sees and hears is their wimpish bent.Belaboring losses in their daily whining,All...(Read Full Post)