Learning law and business ethics in New Jersey

The following announcement did not appear on Comedy Central's news show; this is really happening. 
(James) McGreevey is being paid $17,500 a year to work 15 hours a week as an ``executive in residence,'' a position that combines teaching and consulting, the university said.

McGreevey has been teaching courses entitled ``Ethical and Legal Issues'' and ``Management and Leadership'' to business school students, said spokesman Daniel Higgins.
The school is Kean University in New Jersey.  The instructor is former  New Jersey Governor James McGreevey who

announced, on a nationally televised news conference in August 2004, that he was stepping down as governor because he was ``a gay American'' and had been having an affair with a man he had hired as a homeland security adviser.

The man, Golan Cipel, has denied the affair took place and has said McGreevey sexually assaulted him.

McGreevey was accused of hiring Cipel on the basis of his relationship with the man, not on his qualifications.
Now, let the jokes begin.