Liviu Librescu

I deeply grieve over the loss of this hero. It sickens me that people in my country pity the evil person who murdered 32 lives Monday at VT. What my countrymen fail to understand is that not just 32 people died but their progeny-mothers, grandmothers, fathers and grandfathers, uncles and aunts.

A story is told in my country about a young person who along with his father, one day came upon a pond. The Father asked him to toss a stone into the water and watch what happens. The young man did so. As the stone hit the water, many ripples were sent out. The Father explained how important it is in life to realize that the things you do touch many lives. This country may or may not realize just how this evil man's ripples will touch many thousands of lives.

We are a morally corrupt country. To try to explain what led to this mass murder is not possible.

Thank you, Israel, for showing us almost on a daily basis what can happen if a lack of moral courage is shown in the face of evil. There are many in this country who admire and envy the spirit of your country.

Would you consider sending some citizens to this country to show just what moral courage is in the face of death!

Jon Crawford
US Army Retired
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