Christianity and American way of life (updated)

I think Mr. Warshawsky's essay today, while obviously well-intentioned, if so widely off the mark in terms of realistic assessment of the influence of Christianity in America that an opposing voice is clearly in order.Let's examine Christian influence without fulsome apologetics - it doesn't do anybody any good to veer off the factual basis in discussion, and resorting to unjustifiable statements like " modern times, the worst crimes against humanity have occurred, and are occurring, in the non-Christian and anti-religious (i.e., communist and fascist) countries.  Is this a coincidence?  Orlet would have us believe that it is.  Orlet makes light of the connection between the atheistic ideologies that motivated Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, and the genocides they committed.  I am not nearly as confident as Orlet that atheism, per se, played no role in these tragedies.  In any event, I believe the historical record is clear:  While life in Christian...(Read Full Post)