An intelligence "gold mine"

We may have scored an enormous coup in the defection of an Iranian General who has brought with him documentation of what Iran has been up to:

AN Iranian general who defected to the West last month had been spying on Iran since 2003 when he was recruited on an overseas business trip, according to Iranian sources.

This weekend Brigadier General Ali Reza Asgari, 63, the former deputy defence minister, is understood to be undergoing debriefing at a Nato base in Germany after he escaped from Iran, followed by his family.

A daring getaway via Damascus was organised by western intelligence agencies after it became clear that his cover was about to be blown. Iran's notorious secret service, the Vavak, is believed to have suspected that he was a high-level mole.
While he will no longer be able to learn more secrets, the timing of this defection may signal events coming soon in which his intelligence and perhaps documentary proof will be of great utility.
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