NYT finally admits to its lie

Give the New York Times more credit than Dan Rather. A full week after its own public editor Byron Calame laid bare the facts  behind the misreporting in a prominent Sunday Magazine cover story, stating that a Salvadoran woman had been sent to jail for 30 years for having an abortion,  the Times has finally issued a formal correction.An article in The Times Magazine on April 9 reported on the effects of laws that make all abortions illegal in El Salvador. One case the article described was that of Carmen Climaco, who is serving a 30-year prison sentence in El Salvador. The article said she was convicted in 2002 of aggravated homicide, and it presented the recollections of the judge who adjudicated Ms. Climaco's case during the pretrial stage. The judge, Margarita Sanabria, told The Times that she believed that Ms. Climaco had an abortion when she was 18 weeks pregnant, and that she regretted allowing the case to be tried as a homicide. The judge based her legal decision on...(Read Full Post)