Columbia University Minutemen protest update

Jim Gilchrist of the Minutemen Project, whose basic rights of free speech and safety were brutally curbed, when Columbia University students violently disrupted his talk advocating border controls and opposing  illegal immigration, has returned to the school--as a protestor.

Joining with other immigration control supporters, they demanded
"We want these students expelled," said Joanna Marzullo, president of New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement, a lobby group. "The violence cannot be ignored."
Although the school is still on winter break and
had no comment on the protest and referred to a December 22 statement by its president, Lee Bollinger, that stated students involved in the disruption could face disciplinary measures and that people unaffiliated with the school would be barred from campus.

University officials would not reveal how many students it has identified as breaking school rules during the incident, but said a dean will decide the punishment for those that did.

We Columbia university graduates, plus others, will be watching. Carefully.