Castro condition reported "very serious" (updated)

Reuters reports that Fidel Castro is in "very serious" condition due to complications from what should be routine surgery.Cuban leader Fidel Castro is in serious condition after a series of three failed operations on his large intestine for diverticulitis complicated by infection, the Spanish newspaper El Pais reported on Monday.Castro, 80, suffered a serious infection that worsened to peritonitis, the newspaper's Tuesday edition said, citing two medical sources at the Madrid hospital where a surgeon who visited Castro in December works. The report was posted on the newspaper's Web site on Monday.Castro's prognosis is "very serious" and he is being fed intravenously, the paper said.It is tempting to take pot shots at the Cuban medical system, but Castro is in his 80s and mutliple operations would be stressful. The colon is fuyll of bacteria, and inbfections are common.  Update: Michael Morris writes:The BBC and The Guardian seem to be at...(Read Full Post)