Tarnished Globes

The Golden Globes honored Warren Beatty's vast career achievements during its lovefest awards celebration last night.  One of those achievements, according to Tom Hanks' script, was having the "balls to go to capitalist Gulf and Western" to finance the movie Reds, a movie romanticizing  the birth of Communism in the Soviet Union according to journalist John Reed.  Get it?  Capitalist pigs glorifying Communist goodness.

Wrong Tom Hanks.  Wrong Golden Globes.  It would have taken real balls, real guts, real courage for liberal Hollywood to have produced any number of movies about the worldwide Reign of Terror of life under Communism which resulted in untold millions of death, perverted societies and destroyed lives.  Communism may be dead but as Caesar observed, its evil lives on.

But the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which sponsors the Golden Globes, and the American entertainment industry, all of which benefit from capital free markets and the wonderful freedoms flowing from societies embracing its supporting elements, would never have had the real guts, the real balls, the real courage to tell the truth about John Reed, the truth about Communism and the truth about freedom.