Syria: The mullahs' plan B?

Our contributor Olivier Guitta has a fascinating article in The Examiner newspapers today concerning Syria's possible role as an alternative nuclear site for Iran. while world attention is rightly focused on the nuclear capabilities of Iran and North Korea, Syria has been quietly - but quickly - advancing its own secret nuclear program.The first signs appeared in 2003 when the Russian Foreign Ministry inadvertently revealed that a Russian-Syrian agreement for the delivery of a nuclear power plant in an undisclosed Syrian location had been signed. [snip]German magazine Der Spiegel revealed in March 2004 that Swedish authorities and the CIA were investigating a very likely Syrian nuclear program secretly developed in Homs in the northern part of the country. That July, investigators looking into the Pakistani nuclear network of A.Q. Khan pointed out that Syria may have procured centrifuges capable of enriching uranium to produce a bomb.He then alludes to a report that ties together...(Read Full Post)