Nanny-state to the rescue.

John Stossel, writing at Real Clear Politics, has some witty observations, as the Eating Season nears its end.
The motto at the popular Heart Attack Grill in Tempe, Ariz., is: "Taste ... worth dying for!" That's because it serves only artery-clogging food like big hamburgers (the biggest is called the "Quadruple Bypass") and "Flatliner Fries," which are boiled in lard.  The restaurant's website says: "Insane political correctness stands as a barrier between the average man and his pursuit of happiness."

I guess that's why they refuse to sell diet soda or "diet" anything.
And, oh, yes, the waitresses wear sexy (nurse) costumes.


Arizona Board of Nursing says the restaurant violates state law. According to an intimidating letter from the office of the attorney general, only a person who holds a valid license to practice nursing may use the title "nurse."
Read the rest of John Stossel's piece here. And be sure to check out the "Heart Attack Grill" web site - it's a hoot.