Must-see TV (link)

Israel's Channel 10 has broadcast a detailed video tour, via computer simulation, of the Dimona facilities where Israel has produced its stockpile of roughly 200 nuclear bombs. It is stunning in its technical detail. Link to the English—captioned Youtube video here. It is unlikely the video would have been shown against the wishes of Israel's government. So it must be part of Israel's information war strategy. Draw your own conclusions. Thomas Lifson   5 04 06 Update: The AP reports that US Command in Baghdad has released a video showing abu Musab al Zarqawi decked out in American tennis shoes and fumbling with a machine gun. The U—S military command says the footage was found during a series of raids in April on purported terror cell safe houses southwest of Baghdad. [He is]  wearing "his New Balance tennis shoes," and... his associates "do things like grab the hot barrel of the machine gun and burn themselves." Update: Courtesy of...(Read Full Post)