Iraq update: national unity government


Iraq the Model has been a reliable commentator on the evolution of that country's government.  Here is an excerpt from its latest analysis. The Iraqi constitution is referenced in Para. 2.  Anyone wishing to read that remarkable document can go here

We're almost there...

The process of forming the cabinet has reached a good milestone that promises an end to the long disputes that consumed months over who—gets—what especially when it came to security—related posts that are no more a problem, actually some analysts and politicians expect the next 24 hours to witness the announcement of the final formation of a large part of the cabinet.

Tomorrow there will be another session for the parliament but this one is not going to about the government according to deputy speaker of parliament Aarif Tayfoor and will be dedicated to drafting the internal charter of the parliament as well as forming a temporary committee that will present suggestions for necessary amendments in the constitution according to article 142 of Iraq's constitution.

As pointed out above, the most important development is the agreement between the UIA and Accord Front on leaving the defense and interior ministries to two figures from outside these two blocs; sources from the UIA said that among the candidates for the defense ministry are Hachim al—Hasani (former speaker of parliament, from Allawi's bloc) and Mithal al—Alousi (independent secular Sunni parliamentarian) while some parties think that the US wants to see the security file in the hands of the Iraqi list for the friendly relationship between the US and Allawi which would allow the US to have more influence in this critical file.

Meanwhile Azzaman in today's edition reported that America's ambassador is trying to convince the rival blocs to pick ministers for defense and interior form outside the parliament and not only from outside the major blocs in the aim to discard the suggestion of picking ministers from the independents inside those blocs whose independence cannot be guaranteed. Ayad al—Samarra'i from the Accord Front confirmed this story to Azzaman and said there's a basic agreement among the blocs to answer this request.

John B. Dwyer   5 04 06

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