From Trump On Down, Democrats Are Silencing The Opposition

Following his historic federal indictment, Donald Trump correctly observed, “In reality, they’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in the way.”

Indeed, as the Democrat/Federal/Media cabal proceeds with its blatant lawlessness, banana republic indictments, frog march arrests, and kangaroo show trials, its members argue that all of this is both by the book and quite necessary—prompted by things like unprecedented, dangerous, and horrendous threats from MAGA extremists, white supremacists, terrorists, anthropogenic climate change, and attacks on democracy. Daring to speak truth about the COVID virus and treatments, about Hunter or Joe Biden, about the irregularities and illegalities that occurred in the 2020 election, the invasion of illegal aliens, mis-gendering someone, constitutes speech drawing punishments ranging from suspension or censorship, to IRS and FBI visits, to fines, or to imprisonment.

We see extensive news and analysis discussing how Republican and conservative conduct around elections (past and present) constitutes election interference, racketeering, soliciting a public official to violate his oath of office, conspiracy to commit forgery and file false documents, insurrection, making false statements, hate speech, threats to public safety, and more. President Trump and those around him, of course, receive much of this attention, but they are by no means the only ones suffering from the assault. In fact, as he has noted, he is not even the primary target.

Image: I’m in the way poster. Creator unknown.

A growing number of Americans is beginning to realize that there is another purpose to and message behind Democrats’ actions that extends to everyday people who might not like or support one or more of the things that the cabal is forcing upon them—things such as discriminatory CRT and DEI doctrines throughout our schools, weaponized federal agencies and the military, protection for BLM and Antifa violence, open borders for illegal and unvetted aliens, toxic and irreversible “gender affirming” treatments for minors, biological males in women’s spaces, costly and destructive “green” policies, massive taxpayer funds sent to Ukraine, student loan bailouts, mask and vaccine mandates, mandatory preferred pronoun usage, prevention or punishment of free speech, and so  much more.

The debates regarding the constitutionality of given administration policies and actions, the validity and severity of the charges, the actual guilt or innocence of the accused, the likelihood of conviction, and the consequences of either acquittal or conviction are all popular headlines, all of which serve to distract from the central point behind these exercises: We Americans must understand that the cabal can and will use mob rule, lawfare, and bureaucratic fiats to effect its agenda, even when doing so is clearly politically motivated, invalid and unconstitutional, with the process itself often intended to ensure that political opponents yield to the cabal’s force. Nothing will stop them.

If you are an outspoken journalist, the IRS will be sent to your home. If you are a concerned citizen who shows up to silently protest one of the cabal’s pet missions, you will be arrested. If you speak up at a school board meeting because your daughter was sexually assaulted by a transgendered assailant, you might be tackled and cuffed. If a given school actually tries to remove damaging wokism from its system all together, the feds will investigate it for civil rights violations. If you produce effective conservative messaging for Google and YouTube (which together control some 90% of worldwide internet searches), the courts won’t stop Google and YouTube from restricting or banning you entirely.

It’s working. In their piece, “Keeping Your Mouth Shut: Spiraling Self-Censorship in the United States,” researchers report that the percentage of Americans who say they feel “less free to speak their minds than they used to” has never been higher. It’s now at 46%—compared to just 13.4% during the red scare of 70 years ago.

With such a convincing display of sheer totalitarian power, the typical American now worries that a $100 donation to American Thinker, Hillsdale College, Judicial Watch, or his church may put him on a federal watch list—or that he may increase his chances of being fined or sued by a federal agency, audited, arrested, or otherwise harassed.

He now wonders about the impact of cabal soldiers watching his social media posts, his email, and his overall internet presence. He now refuses to click either “like” or “dislike” for any post for fear of ramifications.

In past years he may have displayed campaign signs in his yard for his preferred candidates, but he’d be terrified to do so today. He even worries about some of the political or group affinity literature that might be seen in his mailbox.

He wonders if showing up at a simple rally, presentation, or school board meeting could mean he ends up in handcuffs and/or jail.

He has become more hesitant to discuss any dissenting views in public or private, fearing that he may simply not know where the danger in doing so could lie.

He wonders if he is now being monitored because he purchased ammunition or joined the NRA.

He now leaves his baseball hat and t-shirt, both which have American flags on them, in the drawer for fear they could make him a target. After all, even Republicans thought better about displaying one as part of the recent debate stage.

He now realizes that the point of publicly targeting and punishing cabal dissidents is to send a very clear lesson to the rest of America. The power of the cabal is the point. Behold it. Fear it. Obey it.

Twenty years ago, such expressed worries might have produced laughs and suggestions for tin foil hats. No one is laughing today.

Russiagate was the pivotal event that helped the cabal become more comfortable with its power, with both its capabilities and invulnerability. We now know that Russiagate was nothing short of a soft coup attempt that involved a litany of audacious and illegal actions to significantly hobble or even overthrow a legitimately elected president. The second objective failed, but the first was wildly successful—with the icing on the cake being that not a single conspirator was punished. Neither key leadership members nor operatives paid a price. A solitary, FISA-falsifying lawyer with a suspended sentence was the extent of the “accountability.”

If a football team has had nothing but success with running to the left side of its opponents in a given game, what play might the coach call in the 4th quarter with the game on the line? We see the same play unfolding today, only Democrats aren’t just using Russiagate to attack the quarterback. They’re using January 6 to wipe out the whole team.

Many Americans have been waiting for the adults in the room to wake up and end the madness. But any such adults are either asleep or occupied with their own legal battles. At this writing, the cabal is up to indictment number four for President Trump, along with who knows how many civil suits, as well as attacking any prominent people who supported him.

In none of these cases does America have the backstop of the U.S. Senate to shield us from the travesty. President Trump is facing a brazen White House and chief executive, extreme leftist prosecutors, hopelessly biased judges, and stacked juries, along with a rabid and cheerleading media. The odds are better than not that at least one of these initiatives will see President Trump in jail sometime next year. In other words, it appears quite likely, at this point, that very soon, he will no longer “be in their way.” Then what? 

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