Fighting the Elites’ Plans to Reshape Human Life

The World Economic Forum (WEF) elites who meet at Davos and have populated the world's climate change conferences are of one mentality: they believe they are better than others.  They consider themselves the apex of humanity and entitled to determine the circumstances under which the bulk of humanity lives.

We're in the midst of their focused, collective effort to accomplish that end, and to reduce humanity's number to a more manageable size.  Upon hearing that non-elites don't appreciate their efforts, and do not wish to submit to their dictates, the elites’ response has been that lesser beings shouldn't talk about such things. This mentality is familiar to any who have lived under it (e.g., 1930s Germany, the Soviet Union, Red China) or anyone knowledgeable about collectivism's reliably sordid anti-human history.  In fact, the WEF’s head Klaus Schwab extolls the virtues of communist China.  Students of the WEF's philosophy are found throughout the top echelons of Western governments.

Klaus Schwab

The conduits through which elites hoodwink the masses into compliance with their wishes are environmental and racial – the former to induce fear and uncertainty; the latter to divide and pit groups against one another.  That they provide no data in support of their assertions in either sphere does not matter.  "Perception is reality" is their mantra, and they've been shaping public perception for decades.  If the majority of people accept what they say as true without demanding to see supporting data, then they can proceed as they wish.  That majority does, and the elites do.  Covid-19’s history stands as testament to that statement’s accuracy.

The elites’ primary tactic is bribery.  Human nature disposes people to look out for their own interests.  Western societies now lack once-accepted social proscriptions against it, so taking bribes has become the order of the day.  From low-level political offices to the highest in the land, money talks.  From per-ballot payments to multi-million-dollar no-bid contracts, money talks.  Since elites occupy many if not most of the high offices of Western governments, they are in positions to funnel money from the public treasury both to themselves and to wherever else it will be effective in achieving their goals.  One of the perks of being an elite is using the masses' own money against their interests. It is, in fact, the very essence of parasitism.

At this stage of Western governments’ metastasis, the only effective cure is collective public action.  The only way that’s ever going to happen is through making the majority of the public aware of what’s happening, and how long it’s been happening.  If a critical mass of public awareness is ever achieved, the danger will be keeping the public reaction under control.  Nonetheless, there are no practical alternatives to collective public action.  That is the only path to keeping an American Republic with a passing resemblance to the one created in 1789.  Therefore, things need to be done to stoke public awareness.

You are told that no significant vote fraud occurred in the last three national elections, that they have been, in fact, the most secure in our history.  If you’ve been conscious during those elections, you don’t need citations to substantiate those assertions.  Suspicious election issues include: forensic statistical findings, impossible voters/ballots ratios (too many instances to cite), media’s literally impossible on-air reduction of running vote-counts, evidence of foreign manipulation, intra-agency fighting to control election infrastructure, documentary records of coordinated interference, video evidence of coordinated fraud, illegal changes to election laws, process failures that disproportionately suppress one party’s precincts, and vastly improbable outcomes.

Top that off by official disinterest at all political levels in resolving allegations of all the foregoing, and these are bases to suspect massive fraud in the last three elections. The people nullifying your votes are counting on your continued inaction in resolving election integrity issues.  If you can’t be bothered, if you sit back and expect someone else to do the heavy lifting, you invite their continued abuse.  At this point, who could blame them for taking advantage of you?  We must obtain those data and form our own conclusions based on our own analyses of them.  There is no alternative.

Alarmists shout that humanity is unfavorably altering the earth’s climate, and the planet will soon become uninhabitable.  Incomprehensibly expensive and society-impoverishing actions must be undertaken to avoid doom.  Point-of-no-return deadlines have come and gone several times since the 1970s, but alarmists are not deterred; they simply move the goal-posts.  The trend of “climate change” has oscillated between warming and cooling several times in the last 125 years.  The 1920s started with cooling fears but ended with warming fears.  In the 1970s it was global cooling and a pending human-induced ice age.  In the 1980s it was global warming again, except that this time the science was settled, and nobody should challenge it.  Then “climate-change” was adopted as the new all-purpose term, and thereafter all manner of “extreme” weather became uncritically attributable to humanity. 

With respect to humanity’s influence on nature, and to paraphrase the inimitable words of Groucho Marx’s Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff, “Whatever it is, I’m against it” became the battle-cry of the anti-humanity forces.  Never mind that no real world data exist in support of these various assertions, even after NOAA rigged the game by placing temperature sensors in urban heat-islands and was caught altering temperature data after the fact. 

Satellite data became available in the late 20th century but did not support the anti-humanity narrative so are never mentioned.  The only places significant human-induced climate change appears to be occurring is within the various mathematical climate models developed by anti-humanists.  If you want to experience a modern-day iron-curtain, all you have to do is try to gain access to those models’ algorithms and the data upon which those algorithms are unleashed.  Go ahead and try.  I’ll wait.  After you’ve experienced that solid wall, savor the simple reality that YOUR tax dollars funded those models.  For people with critical faculties, that means you own those data and are entitled to them at your whim.  There is no legal or logical rationale against unfettered public access to them – except that they’d undermine the entire “climate change” hoax and prevent elites using it as a lever to impose their will on a seemingly uninterested public.  As with election data, we have to obtain and publicly release climate data and see for ourselves the story they tell.

Only collective public action can alter the policy trajectory that has been put into place by dedicated, wealthy, anti-humanity elites who have infested Western governments and institutions.  Awareness is only the first step in precipitating such public action, but it’s a necessity.

That means you have to get involved, personally, and stay involved, personally.

Or they will win and will impose a new feudal society on what remains of humanity when they’re done with it.

Alexsandar Markovic is a pen name.

Photo credit: Twitter

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