Here There Be Monsters

In the movie Aliens Newt, who has witnessed her family’s grisly end and survived being hunted by their monstrous killers, asks Ripley why adults tell little kids there are no monsters.  Events since 2016 make that question more resonant now than at the movie’s release.  Evidence suggests there are powerful actors among us whose intentions, capabilities, and disregard for anyone else effectively render them implacable enemies of humanity.  No one sane wants to reach that conclusion; no one rational can avoid it anymore in light of the facts.

Prior to 2020 Joe Biden barely rose to “also ran” status in U.S. presidential elections. During his decades in public office his reputation became fixed as slow-witted, unprincipled, self-promoting, gaff-prone, and vindictive.  While such characteristics may extend one’s term in a corrupt edifice, they do not otherwise enhance one’s appeal.  Nonetheless, amid mountains of evidence of electoral fraud and skullduggery, we’re told to believe that more Americans than ever voted for Biden.  This despite his hiding out in a basement rather than campaigning while garnering meager crowds on those rare occasions where he was present.  We are assured by the dubious vote-counters that his opponent lost.  An opponent who precipitated tens of thousands of enthusiastic supporters on the mere rumor of his appearing achieved economic and political results that had for decades been called impossible by the political establishment, all in the face of unparalleled invective and resistance from the “mainstream” media and our federal bureaucracy.  Bigfoot riding a unicorn was more credible. Various polls suggest a big Republican majority, most independents, and as much as a third of Democrats believe the 2020 election was fraudulent.

On January 6, none of the protestors was armed, nobody burned down a building, and the only violence was against the protestors, committed by the D.C. police.  The sole fatality was an unarmed protestor at the hands of a capitol security officer.  Instigators and provocateurs abounded in the crowd, but none was subsequently charged. In fact, their names were thereafter purged from public records.  Elected officials blocks away from the event stated they were in fear of their lives.  The anti-gun Speaker of the House’s request of the military to set up crew-served machine guns was declined.  Biden called it the most serious threat to American democracy since the Civil War, a characterization repeated daily by the Left.  Over 400 protestors were arrested, and most remain detained without bail in deplorable conditions.  Those few who have been charged were not charged with insurrection or anything like it.  Another protest occurred in D.C. since then, in which a protestor attacked a U.S. senator’s door with an ax.  The Antifa protestor was out on bail without delay despite committing worse violations than the January 6 protestors, ultimately received probation, and his ax was returned to him.

Evidence accumulates that the so-called CCP-virus “vaccines” are neither effective nor safe. Vaccines confer long-lasting immunity upon their recipients; these do not.  The mRNA gene-therapy shots do not qualify as vaccines in any conventional sense.  In their brief time on stage, they have caused more adverse reactions and deaths than all previous vaccines combined since the federal government began keeping such records.  They are implicated in heretofore unseen side-effects, some of which are life-altering.  They offer no appreciable protection to anyone under age 30, the worldwide CCP-virus death rate of whom is effectively zero.  Yet our federal government, other national governments, and the WHO are all insisting on “vaccinating” everyone including newborns.  Most outrageous among many outrages is the government’s refusal to acknowledge natural immunity.  These recommendations contravene available evidence, and whatever their proponents’ motivations, public health, and well-being are conspicuously absent from them.

Despite unambiguous evidence of their ineffectiveness in altering the trajectory of the CCP virus, measures such as masking, social distancing, and lockdowns are still being recommended and imposed from on high.  There is abundant evidence that these measures have caused inestimable social and economic damage.  The federal government lacks any clear-cut authority to put such restrictions in place, and despite judicial decisions reinforcing that perspective, it persists in attempting to impose them.  That is textbook tyranny.

Tech company oligarchs, media conglomerates, and pharmaceutical companies have collaborated with the federal government to encapsulate Americans in a fantasy of incomplete, misleading, false, and contrived information.  Unlike the federal government, the predominant social media are not constrained in disregarding the First Amendment and routinely engage in outright censorship and speech suppression.  As long as it serves the government’s purposes, curtailing its opponents’ free speech is fine.  All U.S. “mainstream” media are owned and controlled by six corporations.  Those corporations call the shots on what does and does not get news coverage, how that coverage is fashioned, and its content.  To believe the U.S. “mainstream” media represent a free press is more an act of faith than believing in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.  Acts of outrageous media hypocrisy occur on a daily basis, always favoring the Left/government’s preferences.  News censorship and content control are hallmarks of totalitarian government, and the U.S. checks both boxes today.

“Big Pharma” has enjoyed unprecedented freedom of action and immunity from consequences since the CCP virus appeared on the scene.  Those companies, not the U.S. government, have dictated to entire countries what “vaccine” allocation they will receive.  Pharmaceutical companies are harvesting lifetimes’ worth of incomes every few hours and will continue to do so as long as government follows their edicts regarding viral variants and our necessary responses to them.  Their stockholders include many if not most federal elected officials.  Evidence has come to light that these companies have for decades been complicit in simulating coordinated responses to a worldwide pandemic and advocating the same responses that we see being proposed today. 

The apparent end is to alter the world’s social and economic fabric to favor those currently in power, with the intention of consolidating the new configuration indefinitely.  Paring the excess population to a more controllable, and in the power word of the decade, “sustainable” level is simply something that needs to be done.  When you consider your judgment unassailable, truly believe that you are incapable of being wrong, and are not only the best suited to manage the world’s affairs but entitled to it, quaint moral concerns fade into insignificance.  You are the world’s hope and must make the hard decisions that are beyond lesser beings.

Specious accusations of “systemic racism” and unsupported “climate change” are tools by which pig-ignorant but well-indoctrinated people can be controlled to abide by Their Betters’ judgment.  When necessary, they will also do their bidding without the Parasite Class having to sully its own hands.  The Anointed, after all, cannot be expected to stoop to the proles’ level.

The foregoing are monstrous accusations, justified by monstrous acts, committed by people whose amorality and disregard for any but their own interests places them comfortably in the category of “monsters.”  People in ancient Rome, Weimar Germany, the Soviet Union, North Korea, anywhere that totalitarianism has raised its flag, were familiar with the beast.  Now it has arrived in the U.S. and western democracies.  Like it or not, we shall see how it fares there.

Image: Yves

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