Vermont Attacks the US Constitution (Again): Closing the 'Charleston Loophole'

Vermont’s progressive, gun-fearing state legislature commenced its 2020 session on Jan. 7, using its large Democrat majorities in both houses to ramrod a host of ambitious bills down the throats of the citizenry, beginning with an ill-considered “gun bill” which hit the House Judiciary Committee the morning of Jan. 9.  The arrogance of this overwrought (and overconfident) cabal is evident to all but themselves. The “Firearms and Domestic Violence Bill” (H 610) is the first of a phalanx of intended assaults on the Bill of Rights.  But its proponents forgot something -- the pretense of constitutionality.  This bill seeks to close what leftist ideologues dub the “Charleston loophole,” but which federal law retains as a constitutional default provision.  When a person seeks to purchase a firearm, they must undergo a background check in which they are either instantly approved, instantly rejected based on past...(Read Full Article)
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