Indoctrination Education: Public Schools Are Now Programming Facilities

When I was in eighth grade, a teacher announced we were going to study capital punishment.  The methodology for this process was that the class was divided randomly in half, and each side was assigned the task of writing an essay: one half pro, one half con.  After we had completed our essays, the students engaged in open debate about this complex issue.   Perhaps this sort of objective process of critical thinking is still practiced in some American schools, but it surely seems scarce.  In its place, secular liberalism, and "progressivism," have become the Church of the American State, administered through public schools. When Roe v. Wade was decided, the schools may have taught that abortion was legal, but they did not instruct children that it was moral — that was left to parents in the home.  By the time marriage was redefined so two men could claim it together as a constitutional liberty, the landscape had...(Read Full Article)
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