Hold on There. Civil War Not Necessary

My husband watches a lot of videos on YouTube and some are entertaining, but some are downright scary. I watched one recently made by a man defending the Electoral College because he lives in flyover country. He made a lot of sense and clearly understands why the Founding Fathers wrote it into the Constitution. The rants coming from the Democrats running for office clearly show that none of them studied civics in school. They seem to think that if you don’t live in large cities on the coasts, your vote shouldn’t count.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote to Donald Trump. Thus began the Trump Derangement Syndrome. “It’s not fair,” they shout in their ignorance without looking at the 2016 map that showed red states dominated most of the country.

The YouTuber went on to voice his frustration with how the country seems to be heading in the direction that will take away rights spelled out in the Bill of Rights. In particular, the right to bear arms seems most in jeopardy and it was then that he made a statement that is shared by many in flyover country. Recalling how our Revolution started in the 18th century and comparing how Congress seems to be on the same road to obstructing our basic freedoms, he warned that perhaps our only choice was to openly rebel against our government.

This is a dangerous and foolish option when there is a very simple way -- that so many Americans ignore -- that will solve most of the problems we have now. Our Founding Fathers in their brilliance gave us the weapon to correct an errant government and it is at the ballot box.

Every single legislator in the House is only there for two years. Most can be voted out next year if complacent, whining voters get off their butts and pay attention. Don’t like Schiff, Pelosi, AOC, Tlaib, Omar and the rest of the loudmouths in the House?  Then vote them out. Support their opponents or even consider running yourself. The biggest cause for the nation’s problems are Americans who stay home and refuse to get involved with politics or politicians who will destroy their livelihood with progressive policies.

That’s right: look in the mirror and ask yourself if you know the names of your reps in Congress. Who are your two senators? If you have no idea and haven’t bothered to vote then you are the problem and have no right to complain. Most city dwellers know the name of their mayor but few know the names in the city council or who’s on the local school board, yet these individuals have direct power over your families’ lives.

Thankfully, in 2016 over 63 million Americans voted for a non-politician who is doing his best to make our country what it should be. He is being stopped at every turn by a progressive left-leaning media and elected Democrats. They have the bully pulpit that churns out lie after lie for low-info Americans. But the one thing that explains how the clearly un-American and incompetent get elected to office is voter fraud.

It is ironic that liberals are obsessing about foreign interference in our elections when the truth is that many foreigners are voting here illegally and any effort to prevent that is halted by the Democrats.  The canard that voter ID requirements alienate voters has to be put to rest. Picture IDs are routinely required at banks, hotels, even grocery stores. Shouldn’t elections be held to a higher standard?  Only bona fide citizens, native or naturalized are eligible to vote.

Why do liberals endorse open borders? Why have leftwing politicians enacted laws making it super easy to register the ineligible? Motor voter and same day registration are just a couple of ways to slip in bogus voting. I saw a voter registration form at a NYC rally that asserted one was eligible to vote if they were born in North America. A recent article in American Thinker by Eric Georgatos warns that voter fraud is happening on a national scale:

“In essence, security protections in software (operated on voting machines throughout the country) had been purposely disabled or ‘un-activated’; penetration of the machines was possible via online access methods widely understood among reasonably sophisticated IT people; and mismatches in time-stamped dataflows suggest votes were changed. ”

In a sane world, we would be purging all registration rolls and requiring voter ID confirming eligibility to reregister. But we are living in total chaos bordering on insanity that is dominated by a militant tyrant minority of progressives. Vegans demanding historic paintings be removed from esteemed universities because they show dead animals; liberal courts allowing men in drag to speak to kindergarten students and to go to women’s bathrooms; Progressives are totally backward and insane. We do not have to put up with them.

A friend of mine told me in 2008 that she was impressed with Barack Obama because when she was in Chicago, he came door to door when campaigning. Therein lies the secret of the Democrats. They have community organizers and conservatives don’t. Leftwing billionaires will be spending millions on advertising and encouraging militant antifa-like protesters to disrupt Trump rallies to discourage voters. What we need to do is everything we can to bring out the vote. That means going door to door offering help to those who need to register or who need help getting to the polls.

The 63 million Americans who gave us hope and MAGA in 2016, need to drag a plus one to vote next November. They have to volunteer at polling sites to ensure no hanky-panky takes place. They have to get involved with ousting the swamp. Trump can’t do it all by himself. It may be self satisfying to rant about grabbing one’s guns, revolutions and civil wars but pursuing this action is an insult to the Founding Fathers who gave us the right peaceful tools to secure our rights given by The Almighty so just chill.

KAGA 2020.

Graphic credit: Pixabay

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