Election Fraud on a National Scale?

Dallas patriots Kevin Freeman, host of the Economic War Room on BlazeTV and Russ Ramsland, a voter fraud and election expert, have released detailed findings from a cyber/forensic investigation into election fraud utilizing compromised voting machines in 2018 (and quite probably, in the governor’s race in 2019 in Kentucky). 

In summary terms, Freeman’s “Episode #70” reveals that (1) security protections in voting machines were disabled, (2) penetration and manipulation of actual vote tabulations was and is possible, and (3) evidence already exists that votes were surreptitiously, electronically manipulated to change election results. 

This is the 21st century version of Stalin’s ruthless observation, “it’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”  Only today’s Stalins can do it all by online penetration of unsecure ‘voting machines’ to count and alter votes, and leave almost no IT fingerprints. 

Freeman’s “Episode #70” is currently behind a paywall (though available via 30-day free trial).

The implications of what has been exposed are absolutely staggering on both hindsight perspective on the meaning of past election results, and on the future of America as a constitutional republic.  Yes, it is that serious. 

The magnitude of the threat posed to those who have had a role in perpetrating this fraud makes the whole story ripe for orchestrated leftist twitter-mob dismissal as ‘Conspiracy Theory!’  It’s anything but. 

Metaphorically, these ‘citizen-investigators’ appear to have arrived at the scene of the burglary; discovered the points of break-in; found in plain sight the tools used to accomplish the break-in (and other break-ins); found telltale evidence all around the scene pointing to the means, motives, and names of the perpetrators; but they have reached the limit of citizen investigation and law enforcement authority.  Search warrants and the legal authority to subpoena documents and interrogate people under oath are going to be necessary to determine exactly what was stolen and who took it (and how to restructure security to prevent future burglaries). 

In other words, objective viewers of Episode #70 will conclude, at minimum, this ought to be rigorously and thoroughly investigated (with trust and hope that there is still an arm of the federal government capable of honest and thorough investigation). 

If the ruling class-controlled law enforcement authorities refuse to investigate, the American people are going to have to force a remedy.

The Findings

A brief post like this can’t do justice to the technical findings which are laid out in detail in the video.  In essence, security protections in software (operated on voting machines throughout the country) had been purposely disabled or ‘un-activated’; penetration of the machines was possible via online access methods widely understood among reasonably sophisticated IT people; and mismatches in time-stamped dataflows suggest votes were changed.   

For example, using open-source “Burp Suite” web-crawling software, the investigators looked into a company that supplies software used at polling locations in Texas and 15 other states. 

They found readily accessible information within this company’s website showing purposeful disclosure of passwords by which anyone could log in to databases that include a wide range of voter and precinct and poll-worker information, including voter names, addresses, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, etc.  More devastating, accessible ‘storyboards’ effectively amount to disclosure of source code for this software (in both IoS and Android form), opening up a range of nefarious ‘black hat’ hacking and manipulation that can enable, in bottom line terms, control over any and every voting result. 

To repeat, the enabling of access by which all of this manipulation is possible, appears to the investigators -- and apparently would appear to anyone with a reasonable amount of relevant IT knowledge -- to have been purposeful.

What has been found in Dallas correlates closely with ‘flaws’ recently reported to have been discovered by, among others, MIT Technology Review in Switzerland’s voting systems.  These flaws also allow for votes to be altered without detection.  The company involved in Switzerland is, according to Ramsland, tied to George Soros, and operated voting machines used in the 2019 Kentucky election.

Freeman and Ramsland recount how efforts to get the attention of state and federal law enforcement authorities to look into all of this have been inexplicably stymied, slow-rolled, or ignored.  The seriousness and specificity of what they have exposed does not allow for a comforting explanation of why the government has not jumped into this with both feet.  It makes one wonder if elements of the ruling class of both parties have reasons for not wanting this to be investigated.

The Implications

Conservative punditry tends to fall in line in accepting the premises of MSM narratives on electoral trends. 

To wit, Senator Ted Cruz’ tight 2018 re-election victory over Beto O’Rourke proved there’s a blue wave building, even in Texas.  It proved Cruz’ brand of conservatism was going out of favor; it proved Beto O’Rourke had unique political talent and national fund-raising/star-power.  (And the implications of all this ‘proof’ apparently caused the GOP-controlled Texas state legislature in 2019 to back off across a wide range of conservative legislative initiatives for fear that such initiatives are out of favor with what they believed to be the increasingly blue mood of the electorate.)

But what if all that ‘proof’ was a complete delusion?  What if an honest vote tabulation would have had Cruz winning by 10 points or more?  What if congressional seats that flipped to Democrats in Texas in 2018 -- to wit, Congressman Pete Sessions’ loss to Democrat Collin Allred -- were not losses at all, but were entirely the product of election fraud?  What if Texas State representative elections -- many of which went Democrat in 2018 by strangely and suspiciously similar margins -- were also fraudulent?  All of that appears far more plausible than the actual outcomes in those races; in all events, an investigation is warranted.

What Can Be Done

To state the obvious, a compromised vote tabulation system destroys trust in elections.  It makes voting, campaigning, door-knocking, advertising, and message strategizing pointless.  Widespread public understanding of the ease of hidden vote tabulation manipulation, and the probability that American elections are rigged, would be a national soul-shattering, social-fabric-rending event.  (Which may partially explain government reluctance to investigate, as the mere acknowledgement of an investigation of this level of fraud may by itself be confidence-shattering to the public).  

Yet vigorous investigation, exposure and correction would be a monumental republic-restoring process.  AG William Barr needs to get on this!

If the fraud is as widespread and systemic as Episode #70 suggests, there isn’t going to be a technical fix in time for the 2020 elections. 

There may in fact be only one solution:  An American grassroots effort on a scale never before seen to demand that the 2020 election be by paper ballot, counted manually, in all 50 states.

All Americans, of any and all political affiliations, ought to join in this demand.

Eric Georgatos is a former corporate lawyer who operated the Brushfires of Freedom blog from 2008-2016 (a book of top postings from the blog is available at America, Can We Talk?).

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