Hold on There. Civil War Not Necessary

My husband watches a lot of videos on YouTube and some are entertaining, but some are downright scary. I watched one recently made by a man defending the Electoral College because he lives in flyover country. He made a lot of sense and clearly understands why the Founding Fathers wrote it into the Constitution. The rants coming from the Democrats running for office clearly show that none of them studied civics in school. They seem to think that if you don’t live in large cities on the coasts, your vote shouldn’t count. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote to Donald Trump. Thus began the Trump Derangement Syndrome. “It’s not fair,” they shout in their ignorance without looking at the 2016 map that showed red states dominated most of the country. The YouTuber went on to voice his frustration with how the country seems to be heading in the direction that will take away rights spelled out in the Bill of Rights. In particular,...(Read Full Article)
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