K–12: Reality Fades to Zero

David Copperfield is famous for making a whole airplane disappear.  In the video, a Learjet encircled by 30 people, vanishes.  Very impressive. Our Education Establishment wants to surpass Copperfield.  These people hope to make everything disappear. Starting a hundred years, our Progressive educators became increasingly fond of discarding knowledge, facts, geography, history, science, grammar, and traditional content in general. If a teacher does mention facts, students are not encouraged to actually know them.  Memorization is nearly a taboo.  Serious testing is demonized. Everything must go, one way or another.  Schools and teachers are urged to accommodate pedagogical innovations intended to justify turning away from the academic side of life.  One question is, why do we want to do that?  A second question is, what are we getting instead? About 20 years ago, a great number of videos sprouted on YouTube, all preaching the...(Read Full Article)
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