Trickle-Down Bureaucracy Is Destroying Vermont

"Trickle-down economics" describes tax cuts for corporations, wealthy investors, and entrepreneurs intended to assist lower-income citizens by stimulating investment and economic growth.  Also called "supply-side economics," the doctrine was championed by Nobel laureate Milton Friedman but denigrated by many — including economist John Kenneth Galbraith, who characterized it as "feeding the sparrows by giving oats to the horses." Consider that in Vermont, the government has grown to be a mammoth corporation (the state's largest employer by far) and sucks up working Vermonters' wealth in a trickle-up bureaucratic behemoth.  So much money is spent on reports, studies, and employment for state workers that Vermont's property tax rates are some of the highest in the nation.  To the extent that any of the money does come back down, it is indeed a mere trickle. Vermont demonstrates the government bloat that...(Read Full Article)
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