K–12: Fake News, Fake Education

The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold...  When Yeats wrote his famous lines in 1919, he was describing the chaos in Europe after World War I.  The world had exploded into pieces; communication among them was difficult.  Even though life feels safer now, we nonetheless have the same uneasy sensation that deceit has become ordinary.  People say one thing, mean the opposite.  The center cannot hold. President Trump complains a lot about the dishonesty of fake news.  The fascinating thing is that the bearers of Fake News, such as CNN, flip the story so that Trump's complaints are said to be America's big problem, not the media's lies.  That spin is an example of things falling apart. The most unexpected feature of modern life is that fake news is only half the fakery we have to endure.  There's a parallel universe, a twin, that we...(Read Full Article)
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