Vermont Conservatives Have Had Enough of Their RINO Governor

When a few branches are dragged strategically from a swollen beaver dam, the sudden release of rushing water quickly widens the breach, and all the beavers' tireless efforts are swept away in mere minutes.  In Vermont, the waters of resentment have risen steadily behind the faulty dam constructed tirelessly by "Republican" Governor Phil Scott.  The vulnerability of this muddy mess stems from a putatively GOP beaver who has watered down the mud that once held Vermont's GOP together, by incorporating the building blocks of liberal policies, topped with a heated pugnacity toward POTUS Trump. 

The schism in Vermont was evident in the 2018 midterms, when large swaths of conservatives abandoned the Vermont polls in disgust with Phil Scott's outspoken support for sweeping gun law restrictions that he had specifically promised he would oppose.  Yet Phil Scott won handily, as many centrist Vermonters were not quite ready for his progressive transgender opponent.  The Busy (Helping the Liberals) Beaver Scott credits his broad popularity for his win, but polls show he is supported inversely to his party affiliation: 56% of Democrats approve of him versus 15% of Republicans.  If ever there was a RINO (Republican In Name Only) beaver governor Phil Scott is that creature

Meanwhile, Vermont's progressives fancy that their sweep of House and Senate seats in 2018 was due to their construction skills (of government programs, sanctuary status, Black Lives Matter flags in public schools, cannabis legalization, committees to call all Vermonters racists, gun control schemes, etc.).  In misplaced confidence in a nonexistent voter mandate, these progressive beavers grew especially busy in 2019, constructing muddy extremist laws to ensconce abortion through the third trimester and preparing to enact ambitious carbon taxes, minimum wage hikes, business regulations, and other government-expanding dams to liberty and commerce. 

But then Phil Scott did something that poked a hole in his whole damn dam.  He signed that extremist abortion protection law, and boasted about it.  Third-trimester abortions?  Per Governor Scott, he always felt that this should be a decision made between a patient and her doctor.  Of course, even a woodchuck can see that by the time a baby is nearing delivery, that doctor has a second patient (acknowledged as "a compelling state interest" in Roe v. Wade).  And this is when Phil Scott placed the full weight of a RINO on that frail illusion of "support."  Presumably, RINO Phil believed that pandering to his progressive base by signing the abortion bill would ensure his re-election, but the Vermont Democrats are hardly going to reward Phil with another liberal reign.  Like sharks, they circle to take him down in 2020.   

The woodchucks (native Vermonters) who were disenfranchised in 2018 by Scott and his progressive beaver clan are funneling through that fragile levee, ripping down the defective dam that was intended to cow them.  Governor Phil Scott will announce that he will not seek re-election in 2020, lose in the primary (to anyone), or lose in the general election.  Currently, he is gnawing on more sticks, to construct even higher walls against his erstwhile supporters, in the form of diverted state funds to finance abortions, calling Vermont's state police racist for arresting black and Hispanic narcotics-traffickers, and other slender reeds.  Yet right before him, the water is rushing widely, and his blueprints for future damage to Vermont have been destroyed by the flood.

Stitched into Vermont's restraining dam was another dysfunctional crew — the Vermont GOP leadership, which has for too long cajoled its groundhog base to pop up and vote for RINO Scott and his beaver buddies.  Afraid to move in any direction, this fragmenting residue has been drowned in the rising waters, constrained by the irreconcilable pressures of supporting Phil Scott and Donald Trump concurrently.  This is much like canvassing for both Charles Manson and Bambi on the same ticket (regardless of which one is viewed as which!).

The Vermont GOP's 21st-Century schizoid clan now presides over an utter rout, as drowsily oblivious as the sloppy designers of Vermont's crumbling ideological barricade.  Within these swirling waters has arisen a well organized, highly motivated collection of those disenfranchised woodchucks, and they are mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.  Tenacious and weathered, Vermont's natives are now being fueled by the same GOP schisms, only  reversed — they will no longer stomach Scott at the helm, they do not wish to have their state's future determined solely by a national referendum on Donald Trump, and they will not be controlled by the old-guard GOP sarcophagi. 

Viewing their cause much as the desperate "300" Spartans who opposed overwhelming numbers of invading Persian conquerors at Thermopylae in 480 B.C., this swelling group of Green Mountain patriots has enunciated a specific centrist policy list that it commits to achieve.  Says Kate Bowen, a young farmer from Putney:

Working families of Vermont have sore and aching backs from the endless taxes and fees Montpelier puts upon them. Clearly, it will require rugged, determined blue-collar workers to remedy the left's corrupt elitism. Who better than a farmer, who shovels manure every day, to clean out the Bureaucratic Bull at the statehouse?

Such zealous warriors lay waste to bureaucratic dams quickly and strike fear in the legislative chambers of those who have joined Governor Scott to condemn Vermonters and their culture.  This nascent force of grassroots radicals proposes to effectively tackle the fiscal destruction wrought by progressive fantasists, employing the frugality, self-reliance, and personal responsibility of the Vermont tradition as weaponry.  A coalition of Vermont neighbors has entwined the state's Republicans and Libertarians into a political challenge to Governor Phil Scott, promising the "git'r done" work ethic and integrity of the authentic loggers and farmers who are forming both its leadership and its base.

Army veteran and Vermont farmer Terry Williams explains:

The majority of Vermonters are overtaxed, overregulated, and feel completely disconnected from their elected representatives.  Our supposedly Republican Governor has been a sheep in wolf's clothing, and the flock has tired of being devoured.  People everywhere are just plain furious.  People are stepping forward who have never even voted before.  They will vote now!

Once RINO-beaver Scott is dethroned, these Green Mountain Spartans will muster the Vermont natives down from the colorful hills in populist fervor, to take back the constitutional protections and public coffers looted by invading flatlander elitists.  These re-enfranchised voters will evidence their electoral power with vibrant working-class Vermonters, under the auspices of a name unique to their cause: Vermont's Agripublicans©! 

In 2020, America will clash to "drain the swamp" in Washington, D.C.  In Vermont, the Agripublicans© will drain the progressive beaver pond and chase the flat-tailed varmints from the Golden Dome.  When sensible Vermonters reclaim their lands, wallets, and liberties, the nation will observe that cultural diversity demands that vibrant, Judeo-Christian, rural American cultures must be valued and preserved, not gentrified or made dependent on government and corporate chains for every need.

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