Where Colin Kaepernick and Facebook Diverge

Colin Kaepernick "took a knee" to express his political views and created a national free speech controversy that embroiled the NFL.  By its recent censoring of mostly conservative users, Facebook has reignited that national conversation about the boundaries of free expression.  The contrast between these two situations offers insights into the uniquely American experiment in free speech rights and the particularly precarious position of those rights in 2019. Mr. Kaepernick did not possess a "right" to protest at a football game — he was there under contract with a private employer, and he had specifically agreed not to disrupt games as a condition of (highly paid) employment.  Neither did conservative users of Facebook possess a "right" to post controversial (if legal) content there.  The Constitution proscribes government, not private, action. This makes perfect sense.  An employee at a restaurant is not free to...(Read Full Article)
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