Stan Lee's Useless Gods

Upon his death at age 95, at the conclusion of a very full life, Stan Lee received tributes worthy of only the most important of world figures. And he deserved them. He transformed western civilization. His creations were incredibly profitable and influential. But more than that, it can be said he ranks among the great religious figures of all time, the creator and prophet of a religious mythology that in some measures has overtaken mainstream Christianity. Stan Lee created gods. True, his gods are not believed in, in a traditional sense. Nevertheless they command worship, as measured by time and money, that in most western countries rivals that of the Christian God. I do not mean to doubt the legitimate brilliance of Stan Lee. And I suspect that some readers will interpret this as a putdown of traditional religion, which is 180 degrees away from my intent. My point is simple, as people increasingly abandoned worship of the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible, they needed gods to...(Read Full Article)
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