When Is the Reckoning?

An archaic definition of “reckoning” is “a bill or account, or it’s settlement.” It’s the settling of scores, or how Michael Corleone in The Godfather “settled all family business”. A reckoning restores balance, or karma, when things get too out of whack. Consider Lady Justice’s scale, how justice should be balanced. When one side of the scale tips too low, balance must be restored if the concepts of justice and fairness are to have any meaning.

America is due for a reckoning. It’s one of the main reasons Donald Trump was elected president. Ronald Reagan was an early attempt at a reckoning, after the excesses of the 60s – Great Society, Vietnam, and Woodstock. Following Reagan's course correction, we had “Bu-Bama-Ton”, 28 years of Bushes, Obama, and Clinton, tilting the scales toward the elites, the globalists, the deep state, with no regard for honesty, justice, and the needs of average Americans.

Although the reckoning goes beyond simply President Trump being elected, he is the right man at the right time to deliver the message, to restore balance to the Constitution and to human decency, both in desperate need of a course correction. But where is the actual reckoning?

Begin with the Clintons, and their long rap sheet of scandals and corruption. Sure, Bill was impeached, but instead of feeling a healthy sense of shame, he and his wife doubled down, selling out America to personally enrich themselves to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Whitewater and cattle futures were chump change compared to Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation.

George W. Bush went mute during his presidency, never making a case for his actions or policies, presiding over a foolish and inept war effort, allowing the Democrats to define his presidency to the point that Barack Obama had a cakewalk to the White House.

Obama then weaponized his intelligence and justice agencies to undermine a presidential election, a transition, and then the Trump presidency. He governed by executive order, with Congress abdicating as coequal branch of government. Trump was spied upon. The weaponized IRS targeted Obama’s political opponents. And they got away with all of it. Abuse of power and obstruction of justice was the Obama doctrine.

We hear about tens of thousands of sealed indictments. Rumors of Gitmo expansion and discussion during the recent Supreme Court confirmation hearings of military tribunals. Inspector General Michael Horowitz and U.S. Attorney John Huber are working in the background. We are to “Trust Sessions”. The storm is coming. But so far, only a light breeze, not a reckoning.

Hillary Clinton is a champion of the #MeToo movement despite her attempts to ruin any woman abused or raped by her husband. She sold out America’s secrets to the Chinese and who knows who else to enrich her personal slush fund foundation. She allowed Americans to die in Benghazi and then with Obama, blatantly lied about it. She mishandled classified material on her personal server and was exonerated before even being investigated. And got away with all of it.

Having lost her inevitable electoral coronation, she conspired with Obama and his officials to rig an election and overthrow the eventual victor. To date there has been no accounting, no reckoning.

Congressional Democrats, particularly on the Senate Judiciary Committee, have abandoned all pretext of decorum and sensibility, turning “the world’s greatest deliberative body” into a fraternity or sorority rush committee. Given the problems America faces, including a $20+ trillion-dollar debt and a nonexistent national border, the Senate prefer to bloviate over the scribbles in a high school student’s yearbook and who threw ice at who.

The recent weeks of Kavanaugh accusations are a travesty. Immature and boorish behavior from Democrat senators will be reckoned at the ballot box during the upcoming midterm elections. What about perjury and conspiracy? Where is the reckoning for that?

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford likely perjured herself in front of the U.S. Senate. Going further, Ford may have been coached along with witnesses pressured by FBI and DOJ deep staters involved with the collusion hoax and Carter Page FISA warrants.

What about Ford’s attorneys? By not informing Ford that the committee was willing to fly to her to hear her story, then needlessly delayed the Senate, obstructing them in their constitutional “advise and consent” role.

Then there are the other attorneys, like Michael Avenatti, pushing uncorroborated accusations, further wasting the time of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Is this not like calling in a false fire alarm? Will they all get a pass and a few stern words from Senators Grassley and Graham? Where is the reckoning?

The media cannot be left out given their role in all of the above, reporting only the news helpful to the left-wing or deep state narrative, ignoring anything to the contrary. While not illegal in most cases, short of outright libel, it is dangerous and bordering on sedition. Most recently, virtually every media organization gave voice and analysis to each and every Kavanaugh accusation, no matter how silly or trivial. At the same time, they deliberately did not report any news of non-corroboration or contradiction to the endless parade of accusations that Kavanaugh is a rapist, murderer, pedophile, and fall down drunk. Sure, their ratings are down, with CNN having fewer viewers than Nickelodeon, but that’s hardly a reckoning.

I could go on, but that would fill an entire book, rather than a short essay. This type of behavior cannot simply be given a pass.

As regards Kavanaugh, is it enough for Republicans to say, “we won” and move on to the next battle? There must be a reckoning, otherwise this type of activity will continue and worsen, as it has from Bork to Thomas to Kavanaugh.

God help Trump’s next court nominee. Facing no reckoning, Democrats will regroup, learn from their mistakes, and plan a better attack for next time. The deep state will continue to conspire against President Trump, undermining his presidency. Why should they stop?

The reckoning must be so severe that this type of behavior ends, that no one dare try it again. Public humiliation or shaming isn’t enough, else Hillary Clinton and James Comey would quietly retire into obscurity. Perjury, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice are all punishable by law. This is the type of reckoning that may give Democrats pause when gearing up for the next round of attacks, seeing some of their coconspirators behind bars.

America is already balkanized and in the midst of a civil war. The adults in Washington, D.C. must step up and administer a large dose of serious punishment to stop this abhorrent behavior from the left, making sure it never happens again.

It’s time for a reckoning, before it’s too late. If not now, then when?

Brian C Joondeph, MD, MPS, a Denver based physician and writer. Follow him on Facebook,  LinkedIn and Twitter.

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