When Is the Reckoning?

An archaic definition of “reckoning” is “a bill or account, or it’s settlement.” It’s the settling of scores, or how Michael Corleone in The Godfather “settled all family business”. A reckoning restores balance, or karma, when things get too out of whack. Consider Lady Justice’s scale, how justice should be balanced. When one side of the scale tips too low, balance must be restored if the concepts of justice and fairness are to have any meaning. America is due for a reckoning. It’s one of the main reasons Donald Trump was elected president. Ronald Reagan was an early attempt at a reckoning, after the excesses of the 60s – Great Society, Vietnam, and Woodstock. Following Reagan's course correction, we had “Bu-Bama-Ton”, 28 years of Bushes, Obama, and Clinton, tilting the scales toward the elites, the globalists, the deep state, with no regard for honesty, justice, and the needs of average...(Read Full Article)
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