K-12: Why Millennials Are Going Bald

Early in 2017, ABC breathlessly reported, "Hair loss and balding are something we associate with aging, not a younger population, yet more and more millennials say they're experiencing hair loss." Theories include diet and health problems.  But Moneyish.com didn't hesitate to conclude: "Millennials are going bald from too much stress." We live in a rich, safe, successful country.  Why is there so much stress?  Why do so many young people feel they are under siege and about to be overrun? Perhaps we should look at what public schools, in tandem with higher education and the media, tend to emphasize – namely, pessimism and vulnerability.  Our educational institutions seem to be fiendishly efficient stress factories, able at all levels to produce fearful people who will be crippled by any amount of pressure. First of all, what is accomplished in public schools?  Anything to be proud of?...(Read Full Article)