K-12: Knowledge Containment Protocols

Schools have always been devoted to passing knowledge forward to the next generation.  Not now. The Education Establishment treats knowledge as if it were a toxic spill that must be kept away from students.  Board up the windows; tape the doors; wrap the buildings in three-mil. plastic.  This might sound comical or far-fetched.  But I assure you that the Progressives in charge of our schools are methodical about using any pretext to minimize contamination by knowledge.  Everyone should wonder why. In the beginning of the Progressive era, the attack on knowledge was straightforward.  The basic claim was, who needs it?  John Dewey sneeringly dismissed academic progress as "mere learning." Two famous professors, in their 1929 textbook, unapologetically stated that most school material is a waste of time: "Subjects such as arithmetic, language, and history include content that is intrinsically of little...(Read Full Article)