K-12: Sauve Qui Peut

When a ship starts to sink, people broadcast, "Mayday! Mayday!"  ("M'aidez" is French for "Help me.")  Frightened passengers will hear "Man the lifeboats!" and "Women and children first!" When a crisis become truly desperate, chivalry fades before this cry: "Every man for himself."  If on a French vessel, you'll hear the elegant tri-syllabic plea: "Sauve qui peut!"  (That is, let him who is able save himself.) Sorry to be grim, but that's the situation you face if you have children in public schools.  Nobody is coming to help you.  You are on your own.  The ship is listing and taking on water.  Save your kids if you can! To a scary degree, our movers and shakers quietly slipped out of the picture.  Individuals and organizations that used to stand up for traditional values and the dreams of parents now tend to be silent and passive. The most...(Read Full Article)