K-12: Teaching Knowledge vs. Teaching Ideology

In 1974, Jaime Escalante took a job at Garfield High School in East Los Angeles, California.  He found himself in a challenging situation: teaching math to Hispanic students at a rundown school known for violence and drugs.  While many dismissed his students as unteachable, Escalante  pushed them to reach their potential.  He started an advanced mathematics program with a handful of students.  He was so successful that a testing service accused his students of cheating.  They weren't.  Hollywood made a fine movie out of the story called Stand and Deliver (1988). Escalante's students were the last ones expected to succeed academically, but Escalante told them: "I'll teach you math, and that's your language.  With that, you're going to make it.  You're going to college and sit in the first row, not the back, because you're going to know more than anybody." He was harassed by...(Read Full Article)