Education Reform: Italian Group Shows Americans How It's Done

Here are two harsh realities about American education.  K-12 schools are mired in mediocrity.  Second, the Education Establishment and the high-level people who should be improving the schools seem indifferent to academic improvement. My sense is that the only people crusading for genuine reform are traditional intellectuals.  Alas, these are outsiders with little power.  Meanwhile, Bill Gates, the federal government, and scores of "progressive" front groups pump billions into backing bad ideas. The media and cultural institutions that should be involved in education look the other way.  The fix is in – that's the irresistible impression. So it's very inspiring to see a group of upscale Italians try a different approach to this long-festering problem. The group is named Thinking Ahead (the actual name is Pensare Oltre).  The  members are from many  prestigious fields: business, ...(Read Full Article)