Is Georgia the dumbest state?

When states are ranked for their intelligence or lack of it, Georgia  usually ends up in the bottom 10.  What is the Peach State doing wrong?  A lot.  We are confronted here by a confusing swirl of malpractice and scandal, so let's start with a quick summary.  Georgia officials insist on using the worst theories and methods.  Predictably, their schools get bad results.  To cover up the embarrassing results (of course, the officials would not think of adopting better methods), the schools create elaborate cheating mechanisms.  This works until the truth leaks out.  Scandal ensues.  Cheating scandals occur in many states, but Georgia appears to hold the prize for biggest scandal in the public schools. The New York Times recently  reported on this pathetic story: "A state investigation in 2011 found that 178 principals and teachers in the [Atlanta] school district were involved in cheating on...(Read Full Article)