Where Are the Newspapers on Education?

Most Americans have heard the news: public schools are wallowing in mediocrity.  Millions of kids can’t read, not in any real sense, nor can they do basic arithmetic.  They don’t learn the most essential knowledge.  (Ask one of them how many ounces are in a pound.)  And if you look at international testing, SAT scores, or NAEP scores, you see only discouraging signs despite ever larger budgets. Almost as shocking as the mediocrity itself, the nation’s media – in particular, newspapers –  hardly investigate any aspect of our decline.  Remember investigative journalism?  That’s what we need.  Check out your own newspaper, or any newspaper.  Try to find even a single attempt to explain the fundamental reasons for our educational decline. NB: The media report only on superficial (mostly, that’s administrative) aspects.  But the real problems reside in what the...(Read Full Article)