Education That You Know Is Sick

A headline at the Daily Caller complains: “Principals say Common Core tests make little kids vomit, pee their pants.”   Top comedian Louis C.K. shook the educational world with this tweet: “My kids used to love math.  Now it makes them cry.”  Louis C.K. blamed Common Core. ran this headline:: “What is Common Core doing to America’s children? Mom shares heartrending photo.”    The mother explains: “This is my middle child in the photo … She is 7 and is in 2nd grade….After checking her work, I had found 2 math problems were incorrect. I tried to help her understand where she went wrong but I don’t understand it myself and was not much help.….I told her to forget about it and we’d try again tomorrow but she became very upset that she could not get the answer and kept trying and trying to fix it. She is hard on herself as...(Read Full Article)