ObamaCare and Common Core: Two Fronts of the Same Coup

Medical insurance and public education might seem to be two different worlds with different problems.  But the proposed solutions were essentially the same.  Here are ten descriptions that apply equally to ObamaCare and Common Core: 1) HUGE FEDERAL POWER-GRAB: The obvious result of both ObamaCare and Common Core is that Obama and his czars get a bigger government to administer, more money to play with, more jobs for their loyal troops, and more control over people’s lives. 2) NOT RESPONSES TO POPULAR DEMAND: ObamaCare and Common Core were massive, top-down interventions demanded by left-wing politics and ideology, not something the public asked for.  Alleged problems were used as an excuse for adopting solutions that would grow government.  The big question was, what can they get away with?  (We see the same dynamics playing out in climate change.) 3) INCOMPREHENSIBLE BY DESIGN: A sentence was not...(Read Full Article)