A Cruel Obama Hoax: "Improve Education at All Levels"

A recent AP story about Obama and education appeared in scores of American newspapers. According to the report, "President Barack Obama is promising to improve American education from preschool to college." The story appears in the midst of a drumbeat for pre-K, or "quality pre-K," as the ever-sycophantic New York Times puts it.  One problem: if K-12 is wracked by mediocrity now, why is pre-K, or anything else, suddenly going to be conducted at a high level?  That would be most unlikely.  Here's why: In his State of the Union last week. Obama made a laundry list of promises.  Some of them are concerned with technology and grants.  These he might be able to fulfill. But the promise of improving education at all levels is mocked by the fact that Common Core, his signature effort in this area, is now devastating education at all levels in all states that have embraced it. Simultaneous with the AP story, there was a...(Read Full Article)