You Don't Know Shakespeare: Seven Sexy Scenes

Shakespeare does everything at once: tells a story, develops characters, writes beautifully, teaches history, and -- oh yeah -- startles us with randy humor.  Elizabethan England was a raunchier time.  If you were witty, there were no limits.  One critic says the great dramatist wrote more than 1,100 puns on sex and genitals.  Shakespeare's bountiful gifts have been a problem for prudes and teachers ever since.  Shakespeare is often taught with a hope and a prayer that students won't get it.  Best example of all: "Much Ado About Nothing."  (Men have something, so to speak, women have "nothing."  I know what you're thinking: OMG.) Shakespeare's audience didn't need anything explained.  They got it.  (A lot of Shakespeare is like a high-class version of "Who's on First?")  Assume he wants you to be uproariously entertained, he's working on lots of levels, and if it sounds risqué, it is.  ...(Read Full Article)