Let Us Now Praise Knowing Stuff

A reporter asked me, "Would you prefer that students know information, or how to find information?" Clearly she thought that knowing where to find information was best.  Actually knowing facts was, in her mind, not important.  That was the old way, the medieval approach, when children were whipped to make them memorize the state capitals and other such irrelevant stuff. Thank goodness, she clearly believed, we have moved on to more civilized ways.  Children no longer know anything.  All they know is that they must go somewhere to find what they want to know. But why would the reporter believe that this tactic is superior?  After all, if you don't have the information in your mind, it's not all that convenient.  You might be at a bar watching the news on television.  There are reports of a big explosion in X.  But you don't know what X is, so you don't know whether the explosion is 3,000 miles away or 30. This reporter had completely...(Read Full Article)