In Israel, Obama's Blunders Precede Him

In his first year as president, Barack Obama committed not one, but two disastrous errors during a Middle East trip -- both in a June 4, 2009 address to the Muslim world from Egypt. The first humongous mistake is well-known -- Obama, while in the region, conspicuously omitted Israel from his itinerary.  It's a snub that still rankles Israelis, and it's apt to cloud his upcoming trip to Israel.  But there's nothing he can really do about it.  It's history.  And it can't be expunged. The second huge mistake -- largely forgotten -- was what he actually said in his Cairo speech.  In pushing for a two-state solution, Obama put both Israelis and Palestinians on an equal scale as far as their respective claims for statehood are concerned.  To achieve this unreal feat, he had to erase four millennia of Jewish ties to the Holy Land.  And that's what he ended up doing. Here's how he described Israel's claim: "The aspiration for a Jewish homeland is...(Read Full Article)