Palestinian 'Statehood': The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Given that the venue was the notoriously anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian U.N. General Assembly, it came as no surprise that the vote to upgrade "Palestine" to non-member observer "state" sailed through by a lopsided majority -- 138 for, nine against, and 41 abstentions. Still, the roll-call did have some importance in that it sorted out Israel's genuine supporters from fair-weather friends and, worse, those willing to throw Israel under the bus. So, herewith find the breakdown of some nations that ended up in the GOOD column, or the BAD column, or the downright UGLY column. The GOOD guys: First and foremost Canada, which pulled no punches in its strong support of Israel before casting a firm "no" vote.  A nod also to the Czech Republic, the only European country to vote against the resolution.  Give also credit to Panama and four tiny Pacific island nations who stood with Israel. The BAD guys: Those who ducked, ran for cover, and ended up abstaining.  Most prominently,...(Read Full Article)